Aerzen Rental Division

- Process air mobile. Simply rent plug & play compressed air.

Whether as an interim solution in an emergency or for planned maintenance work. The rental of oil-free compressed or process air offers operators of blower stations a welcome and helpful addition to the previous machinery. AERZEN Rental has been offering a comprehensive range of rental machines and...

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- About Aerzen Rental

A subsidiary of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik, one of the world leaders in low pressure blowers and compressors, Aerzen Rental Solutions markets short and medium term hire solutions around blowers and compressors manufactured by Aerzen. From our European depots, we can quickly manage our customers' needs...

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- Rental solutions from Aerzen

These services are complemented by models such as operating leases, finance leases, hire purchase and contracting.

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Capacity bottlenecks or production losses are scenarios feared in every company and require a fast and efficient solution. AERZEN Rental Division (ARD) offers 24/7 fast and effective solutions to overcome problems arising in the supply of oil-free air for various application cases!

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- Air supplies for rent

For waste water treatment Kelheim Fibres operates two bio highreactors. Due to increased production the installation of a bigger third bio high-reactor had been necessary. The short-term increase in compressed air was produced by a rental unit of AERZEN Rental Division (ARD).                     

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- Absolutely oil free, absolutely dry

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) imposes very stringent requirements on the quality of the compressed air it uses. To satisfy them, a customised solution is essential – and that’s where Aerzen Systems comes into play..

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