About Aerzen Rental


A subsidiary of Aerzener Maschinenfabrik, one of the world leaders in low-pressure blowers and compressors, Aerzen Rental Solutions markets short and medium-term rental solutions around blowers and compressors manufactured by Aerzen. From our European depots, we can quickly manage our customers' needs for oil-free neutral air and gas.

Aerzen Rental Solutions can mobilize technical, logistical and human resources 24/7 to allow our customers to ensure the continuity of their production.
The construction project was still far from finished, but this sludge tank allowed Aerzen Rental Solutions to set up a temporary treatment operation.

A food company has constructed a new fruit juice production facility, which will generate wastewater effluent that must be treated. A wastewater treatment plant expansion has also been planned; however, unforeseen events have caused a four-month delay in its construction. Without the ability to treat the effluent, the new production line cannot be operated, which represents a loss of €200,000 per week for the fruit company. Rather than accepting the delay, the company chose to turn to a renowned water engineering company to find a solution.

In addition to air blowers, Aerzen Rental Solutions has fine bubble air diffusion grids in its product portfolio, which can transform any tank into an aerobic treatment unit. Our water engineering customer, who has already used this capability in the past, naturally turned to us to install a temporary treatment solution in an existing sludge storage tank that was on-site.

For this process, it was decided to operate according to the principle of SBR (sequencing batch reactor), and this required the following equipment and operations:

  • A generator to provide power to the pumps and the blower
  • Pumps and pipes to transfer process effluent to a buffer tank
  • Pumps for transferring homogeneous effluent into the mud silo
  • A 1500m3/h blower and 3 grids of fine bubble aeration diffusers
  • Seeding of the basin with sludge, which it had delivered by slurry trucks.
Bubbling tests in the tank during fill-up.

The implementation of this temporary treatment project faced several safety and logistical challenges that were identified and mitigated by thoughtful planning and the technical expertise of the Aerzen Rental Solutions team. The busy construction site required stabilisation, as the soft ground could not support the heavy equipment (generators, blowers) in its current condition. Trucks delivered equipment promptly and a crane supported the lifting and placement of the aeration grids into the sludge tank. All of the heavy equipment and accessories were connected and tested by service engineers. Finally, the biological treatment mass had to be sown, which was accomplished by using multiple deliveries of agricultural slurry.

The temporary treatment plant is now in operation, allowing this industrial client to focus on production.
The availability of speciality rental equipment designed for the needs of the water industry, as well as an understanding of its customer’s requirements and deadlines, allowed Aerzen Rental Solutions to help its client find a successful solution to a costly problem.