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Pay-per-use enables clients to keep their cost structure low and therefore minimise demands on cash flow, moving capital expenditure to operational expenditure. To achieve this, AERZEN RENTAL works together with you to find an optimal solution for how to value each provision. Pay-for-use contracts have a minimum duration of 1 year.

Concept of pay-per-use.

Pay-per-use is tailored to the requirements of the client and can be set up as a fee payable per period or be related to the actual operating hours. The service level is also variable, from incidental inspection up to full service including contingency solution. To find the right set-up, we strongly recommend meeting one of our account managers.

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Seasonal demand.

To overcome seasonal peak demands (like harvest, high water flows, etc.), additional capacity may be required. These temporary requirements are not suited to capital expenditure as they have a very poor ROI, especially when also considering the required infrastructure, maintenance and the carbon footprint. Rental is not only more economical, but also a hassle-free solution as AERZEN RENTAL takes care of the equipment and all maintenance. (Day-to-day care remains the responsibility of the client.) For jobs repeated regularly, we offer seasonal contracts in which the availability and commercial conditions can be agreed for several seasons.