Contingency Planning

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Stay in control during emergencies.

When an emergency takes place, the time to restore control is highly critical and limited, with economic losses always lying in wait. That kind of pressure is not exactly conducive to reaching a well thought-out decision. A contingency plan is created ahead of time, preparing the most effective and economical ways to solve emergencies and eliminate time loss, hazards and/or environmental disasters. Last but not least, it enables you to stay in control even in stressful situations. Let’s talk!

Customised contingency plan.

Our contingency plan is customised to your specific situation, production line and plant. Standard aspects covered include:

  • Risk assessments (QHSE)
  • Relevant site infrastructure and regulations
  • Process requirements (we cover all brands’ equipment in oil-free air and neutral gas conveying)
  • Location and potential new intersection points to prepare for installation of temporary solutions
  • Scope of supply with battery limits
  • Blowers or compressor with piping, electrical provisions, system integration, etc.
  • Action plan 
  • Contact persons

Feel absolutely welcome to contact our account manager in your region about contingency planning. Let’s talk!

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