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AERZEN RENTAL is fully focused on 100% oil-free compression (air or neutral gas) for all on-shore industries. Along with your team, we provide process support to determine how our equipment can be incorporated and operated within your production line. We study your processes, operational requirements and locations so that we can set up interfaces. We can supply all the accessories for integrating our products into your process, such as pipework, electrical cables, transformers, coolers and dryers, as well as engineers for installation and commissioning.
We offer the most complete solutions, at your disposal at the touch of a button.

Best solution.

We encourage clients to calculate the full cost of rental, including energy costs, to ensure that the chosen solution is the best one from a technical standpoint, as well as the most economical and environmentally friendly one.
To achieve high efficiency, we not only use screw compressors (with various compression ratios), but also various displacement and/or compression techniques such as turbo, positive displacement and hybrid blowers. We therefore avoid the need for pressure-regulating valves to bring the pressure down to the required level, as this results in high energy losses (see graph for reference).

Using the right technology significantly reduces the power requirement, allowing you to use an existing electrical power supply and thus avoid the need for diesel generators (which are polluting and require regular stoppage for refuelling and maintenance).
All our rental units are electrically driven and can be installed outdoors.
They have specially developed power and control cabinets, including variable frequency drives and in some cases remote monitoring.

As AERZEN RENTAL always has the right compression ratio, this allows us to have single units that can reach massive flows, the biggest having a capacity of 140 m3/min.

We offer the most economical, environmentally friendly and complete solutions in the market today, so let’s talk!

Choosing the right blower rental technology for low-pressure-air applications