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Our rental equipment utilizes the extensive knowledge and experience of Aerzen, who has been manufacturing blowers and compressors for more than 150 years. This experience is reflected in our rental equipment, which is built to be robust, plug-and-play, suitable for outdoor operation and to withstand the rigors of rental projects.

Aerzen Rental Offers:

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All AERZEN RENTAL units are electrically driven (optional: with diesel powered generator sets). We hold a truly unique portfolio in the rental market by offering six different compression ratios and having variable speed drives as standard. This setup enables us to achieve exactly the right pressure and flow that you need, without any losses due over-compression that would occur with a market standard 10barg oil-free compressor.

For perfect integration into your processes (or autonomous operation if required), our units are equipped with a connection box, a power and control cabinet and an operation panel that can handle external signals. Our equipment is increasingly equipped with remote monitoring, enabling us to be always close by and provide any support you may require.

Whichever brand or type of gas compression technology you have on your site, our versatile rental units can replace it.

* Provided the installation is set up in a clean area where clean air intake is assured, no day-to-day maintenance is required.


Installation timelapse of a large set of AERZEN RENTAL blowers

TVS series: super silent, oil free air compressor up to 10bar (g)

Effective, quiet, energy-saving: the TVS-series combines the latest machine technology with economic performance as well as sustainability, making it a future-proof solution for almost any requirement. Thanks to the frequency inverter, the assemblies can be optimally controlled, so that the exact pressure and volume flow required is always achieved and enables a gentle start with low starting current.

With efficient cooling inside the assemblies ensures that the rental compressors provide an excellent supply of compressed air even at high ambient temperatures of up to 45 °C. Customers can rely on full capacity and do not need to make any arrangements for cooling water or similar.

To reduce noise emissions, a special acoustic hood has been developed to ensure particularly quiet operation.

The TVS-Series can be used in many industries whenever oil free class zero purity air is required and can often be found supplying to factory, chemical, food & drink, pharmaceutical industry, tunnel construction and many more.


Rental blowers up to 20 psig

Products in this range are 100% oil-free. Commonly used for pneumatic conveying of bulk materials, surface or wastewater aeration, oxidation or combustion processes and neutral gas conveying.

The rental equipment in this group consists of two technologies: ‘positive displacement blowers’ and ‘rotary lobe compressors’. The positive displacement blower matches the backpressure of the process up to a maximum of 14.5 psig and the rotary lobe compressor has a low internal compression ratio and is suitable for backpressures of up to 20 psig. This equipment is efficient at the low pressures it is designed for and results the standard ATEX-certified spark arrester in the outlet.

When used for surface or wastewater aeration, this product is often combined with our aeration diffusers and accessories to provide a complete and stand-alone aeration system.

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Rental compressors up to 50 psig

Products in this range are 100 % oil-free. Commonly used for pneumatic conveying of bulk materials, industrial wastewater treatment, oxidation or combustion processes, neutral gas conveying, pressurization of tunnels with breathable air and various industrial processes.

The rental equipment in this group uses single-stage rotary screw compression from the AERZEN Group’s Delta Screw product range. Single-stage compressors are used to achieve a very high flow at pressures of up to 50 psig.

With these products we offer accessories like piping, power and distribution equipment (e.g. diesel generators), electrical cables, after-coolers, water separators and much more.

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Rental plant-air compressors up to 10,500 mbar

Products in this range are mostly used for oil-free plant utility air, air screens, pipeline pigging or tunnel construction.

The rental equipment in this group uses direct-driven two-stage compressors. The TVO 800 and TVO 2500 models are built to work in high ambient temperatures, but they remain air-cooled so there is no need for a water supply and cooling system. Our equipment particularly stands out with its low maintenance requirement, whereby compressors can run for months and months without any need to stop, meaning your production is not halted and redundancy is not required.

For plant air compressors we also offer adsorption dryers – please contact us for more information.

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We have an extensive range of accessories for integrating our rental equipment into your projects.

As with our core equipment, our piping and hose accessories are focused on achieving their task; we also have dimensions ranging from DN25 to DN500, as well as reducers to ANSI dimensions.

We offer electrical supplies such as electrical cables, junction boxes, field dividers and IT transformers, and also offer the option to rent diesel powered generators via our trusted partners.

We offer cooling based on modular air-air or water-air coolers, with or without water-air separators. For compressors we also have adsorption dryers.

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