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Many industries and municipal services rely on high-capacity oil-free blowers for their wastewater treatment operations. Wastewater blowers can help treat waste in the aeration process, and keep the environment clean.

Some sewage plants invest in their own wastewater blower equipment, but renting a blower is the best choice for others. You may need to rent machinery if your blower breaks down, if you only need a blower seasonally, or if you want to test higher-pressure machinery before purchasing.

At AERZEN Rental Solutions, we offer convenient rental blower packages for wastewater treatment. 

Wastewater Blower Rental Solutions

Depending on your wastewater management needs you may choose to rent one or a combination of the following:

  • Positive Displacement Blower - Positive displacement blowers work well for small to medium-sized sewage treatment uses. The pressure and output of this type of blower depend on its speed.
  • Rotary Screw Blower - Rotary screw blowers offer high energy efficiency and work at fixed or variable speeds.
  • High-Speed Turbo Blower - High-efficiency blowers are a smart rental choice for wastewater applications requiring high airflow volumes.

Whatever type of rental blower equipment you choose for your wastewater operation, you’ll enjoy full service and a convenient rental solution with AERZEN Rental.

Find the Best Wastewater Blower Rental for Your Project

Wastewater management takes significant energy, resources, and cost investment, which is why you need to work with experts. AERZEN has supplied industrial facilities with innovative blower equipment for years to make wastewater operations hitch-free and cost-effective.

We can evaluate your current wastewater management systems, help you find the optimal load requirement, and supply blower rental and monitoring solutions to ensure your aeration technology delivers the desired results.

We are more than a provider that supplies blower equipment rental—we are the trusted partner you need to take your wastewater facility to the next level.

Benefits of Renting a Wastewater Blower

There are many benefits to renting a wastewater blower from AERZEN, including: 

  • A Safe Rental Choice -  You can try out our oil-free blowers or compressors in field conditions to see if our rental machinery answers your needs before you invest in new aeration systems.
  • Capital Avoidance - For many companies, blower rental is a convenient solution that helps avoid unnecessary capital expenditure.
  • Easy Maintenance - When you rent air blower units, it relieves you of costly and labor-intensive maintenance and repair expenses.
  • Quick solutions - If your wastewater aeration systems go down, repair may cost a lot of money and interrupt your operation. Blower rental can provide a quick fix to keep your plant running.

Available Products

At AERZEN, we provide a full-service rental solution for industrial plants that need efficient wastewater management. Our oil-free products include:

  • Positive displacement blowers
  • Rotary lobe compressors
  • Rotary screw blowers
  • Roots blower systems
  • Oil-free turbo blowers
  • Motor starters and blower parts
  • Aeration Grids
  • And more!

Why Choose AERZEN?

Customers across the U.S. and worldwide continue to choose our blower rental services for our commitment to quality, service, and seamless operation. We promise to provide:

  • Top Quality - We supply top-tier, energy-efficient air blowers, compressors, blower parts, and other machinery for wastewater management.
  • Constant Innovation - At AERZEN, we never stop evolving, improving, and perfecting our technologies to deliver the best aeration solutions.
  • Unparalleled Expertise - As blower providers since 1868, we know how to help you choose suitable blower rental machinery for wastewater management systems. Use our AERaudit service to analyze the energy efficiency of your wastewater plant and determine your exact air pressure requirement.
  • Custom Blower Rentals - With AERZEN, renting the right type and number of blower units for your wastewater management needs is easy. Get in touch with us to get a cost-effective, custom-fit blower rental.
  • Outstanding Service - Working with AERZEN as your rental provider translates into quick response times and precise answers. Apart from rental, we offer on-site blower inspection, maintenance, and repair service.

Do we sound like the right fit? Fill out our online form to kickstart your blower rental project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a wastewater blower?

The cost of a wastewater blower depends on the make and model of the equipment.

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