Positive Displacement Blower Rental

A positive displacement blower is a machine that moves air or gas using rotary lobes or reciprocating pistons. The displacement blower maintains air velocity by providing constant airflow and can help prevent blockages. Positive displacement blowers are used in many applications, from material vacuuming to gas collection and sparging.

At AERZEN Rental, we offer some of the most innovative blowers and air compressors on the market. In fact, AERZEN made Europe’s first positive displacement blower in 1868, and since then, we have continued to innovate and pave the way for development. Today, AERZEN’s twin-shaft positive displacement blowers for oil-free conveyance remain one of our most successful construction designs. Our patented technology ensures efficiency, low noise emissions and vibrations, and ease of servicing.

We proudly offer positive displacement blower rental at competitive prices without sacrificing quality and longevity. We offer rental blower packages for projects of every scale over the long and short term.

With a blower rental from AERZEN, you don’t just get the highest-quality compressors and generators in the country. If you rent from us, you get our top-notch customer service and easy access to replacement parts if you ever need them.

Find a Positive Displacement Blower for Your Project

A positive displacement blower isn’t only for construction projects and petrochemical settings. Positive displacement blowers have many applications, from wastewater treatment and picking up eggs to pneumatic conveying of items on belts. Many painting contractors use positive displacement blowers as dryers, too. Quality rental blower packages account for this variety of use cases.

Some projects don’t need a blower rental initially, but circumstances force the project manager’s hand. The emergency applications of positive displacement blowers almost outnumber the regular ones, which is why AERZEN Rental Solutions offers 24/7 blower rentals and installation for these situations. Our customer service desks never close.

Why Choose a Positive Displacement Blower?

Here are many reasons to add a positive displacement blower to your company’s rental fleet. Every one of AERZEN’s Rental blower and rental compressor systems is air-cooled and oil-free. This makes operation simple, even in complicated manufacturing and engineering processes. Companies can reduce costs and enhance productivity with a rented positive displacement blower.

Air compressor equipment is suitable for a variety of industries and applications. For instance:

  • A machine shop that uses power tools for sandblasting or other applications of high-pressure air can reduce energy costs and noise level by adding a compressor system.
  • In many industries, dust management is required by law. Air compressor systems are the superior option for preventing dust buildup in factories before it becomes a hazard.
  • Positive displacement blowers are the preferred solution for homogenizing bulk powders and items, pressurizing water tanks, and evaporating liquids.
  • A company with a large lake on site may decide to keep the water aerated and prevent it from freezing with the order of air compressor systems in the winter.
  • Wastewater treatment plants may rent positive displacement blowers to power their air diffuser equipment and systems.
  • Positive displacement is the preferred air generator system to create the pressure needed for pneumatic conveying.

AERZEN’s line of products is broad enough to include an option custom-designed for nearly any use case. We have the knowledge and high-quality materials to install whatever technology is required for your order. Ask us today about how our durable products and top-of-the-line service capabilities stand up to the test of time.

Compressed Air Technology Solutions

For high-pressure, high-volume utilities, positive displacement compressors are the top service. Their wide variety of applications and efficient service length make them a solution preferred in many industries. Because of the technology’s oil-free equipment and quiet operation, renting a blower may even be more cost-efficient than using other technology.

Our rental systems are designed with many types of utility in mind. Companies rent them for use as dryers, to pressurize exhaust gas, to provide air for pneumatic conveying systems, and even to aerate fish habitats. With 24/7 service, you can also minimize your downtime in the rare event that something goes wrong.

Available Products

Our rental units are available for any utility and any amount of pressure, and they are the most energy-efficient solution on the market. AERZEN Rental Solutions is proud to offer a wide selection of positive-pressure and negative-pressure blowers that integrate a pulsation reduction system to reduce noise and vibrations. Browse our blowers and pressure generators, or contact us if you have questions about which services and equipment options are ideal for your needs.

Why Choose AERZEN?

AERZEN has been a top manufacturer of high-quality positive displacement blowers for rent since 1868. Since then, we’ve branched out to carry a line of positive displacement blower systems designed to handle water, air, and other gasses, including natural gas, neutral gas, cooling gas, process gas, and even aggressive gas.

Our oil-free gas and air compressors are built to last. Whether you need a short-term positive displacement blower rental or an oil-free air compressor for long-term use, AERZEN Rentals Solutions can give you the power and pressure you are looking for. We also include expert installation and quick response times with each rental equipment shipment.

Our trademarked technology is the best in the business, and our brand stands for:

  • Quality – We use only the highest-caliber materials, with oil-free operation as a standard.
  • Innovation – AERZEN has been at the forefront of development in the industry, having designed some of the most revolutionary technologies and systems in use.
  • Efficiency – Our positive displacement blower rentals are the most reliable, efficient technology on the market.
  • Experience – For over 150 years, we have manufactured many types of oil-free and displacement blower equipment systems for rental.
  • Safety – Our goal is to create technology that strengthens systems. If you rent from us, you can trust the equipment was designed with safety as a top priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you try renting a blower vs buying a blower?

Blower rental is a great option for teams that want to try equipment before making a long-term investment, and for those who want the support of a rental company for equipment repair. Companies that purchase blower equipment should be prepared to invest in maintenance, storage, and other costs associated with owning.

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What are the advantages of renting a centrifugal blower vs a PD blower?

A centrifugal blower uses a rotary impeller to move fluids and create an output flow that varies based on pressure, while a positive displacement blower delivers a fixed volume of fluid through multiple compartments. If you need to control output flow, a centrifugal blower is more advantageous.

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