Industrial Air Compressor Rental

Industrial air compressors convert power to potential energy stored in pressurized air using a gasoline or diesel-powered engine or an electric motor. Industrial air compressors are similar to industrial pumps, but compressors specialize in air and gas pressurization. Air compressors are used in many applications and industries, from agriculture to manufacturing operations.

If you are looking for industrial air compressor rental, AERZEN Rental Solutions is a leading global supplier of Opens internal link in current windowoil-free air compressors and accompanying compressed air machinery. Our air compressor rentals allow your organization to benefit from advanced high-pressure air tools without worrying about a significant out-of-pocket investment or constant maintenance.

Find Air Compressor Rentals for Your Industrial Project

When you rent mobile air compressors and air tools from AERZEN Rental Solutions, you will benefit from superior results that help minimize costs for your business. Our experts are happy to help you select the perfect-size air compressor and suggest the ideal solutions for your air equipment needs.

High-Quality Products to Help You Stay on Track

Whether you work in the automotive, wastewater treatment, maritime, chemical, or food and beverage sphere, AERZEN Rental Solutions will support your operation through reliable commercial air compressor rentals. Our intelligent monitoring tools enable you to track your machinery's performance, reach maximum operation efficiency, and devise cost-saving strategies.

Besides rental and routine upkeep, AERZEN Rental Solutions is here for you in emergencies. If a crisis hits, we are ready to provide your operation with trusted service at your location.

Benefits of an Industrial Air Compressor Rental

If you are considering air compressor rental but are not sure if it’s right for your business, here are some benefits: 

  • A Strong Contingency Plan - Air compressor rental helps you prepare for the unexpected. For example, you may rent backup compressors for an emergency when you need extra air power.
  • Low-Risk Upgrades - Are you planning to switch to higher-grade machinery as your air pressure needs increase? Rent a higher-capacity air compressor and see how it performs on-site before you commit to buying a new model.
  • Flexibility - You can rent air pressure machinery on a per-project basis and avoid investing a lot in tools you only need occasionally.
  • Cost Effective - Machinery rental may provide a quick operational solution without overstepping your current budget.
  • Convenient Maintenance - As your rental supplier, AERZEN will typically take care of routine air compressor unit upkeep, inspection, and repairs. At AERZEN Rental, we offer customized contingency plans to help you stay in control even in stressful situations.

Available Products

AERZEN Rental Solutions offers a variety of air compressors and compressor parts, including:

  • Oil-free screw compressors
  • Process gas compressors
  • Biogas compressors
  • Rotary lobe compressors
  • Filters and other compressed air equipment
  • And more!

Why Choose AERZEN Rental Solutions?

At AERZEN Rental Solutions, we provide quality machinery coupled with outstanding customer service. Businesses across industries choose AERZEN Rental Solutions for all the value we bring, including:

  • Quality - We promise to deliver the best oil-free air compressors, filters, and other compressed air equipment on the market.
  • Experience - We have provided advanced air solutions since 1868. Our skilled team can help you select the optimal cost-effective air compressors for your operation.
  • Value - When you rent an AERZEN product, you get an efficient solution in a competitive price range.
  • Service - We do more than supply air compressor rentals — we offer reliable on-site machinery inspection, maintenance, repair, and emergency service.

Contact us today for flexible and reliable air compressor rentals in your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an industrial air compressor rental cost?

The cost of screw compressor tools depends on your air pressure needs. The type and number of air compressors you rent and any accompanying maintenance costs will determine the final pricing.

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Which rental compressor is best for industrial use?

Every air compressor has benefits that suit it for specific industrial uses. To decide which air solution to choose, you need to know your operational airflow requirements. Our team can help you select the right equipment for your industry.

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What is the best air compressor for commercial use?

The ideal commercial air compressor will deliver a precise compressed air output for your business needs. If you run an indoor operation, you'll usually need a compressor that doesn't give off emissions (i.e., electrical vs. diesel engines).

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What are two major types of industrial compressors?

Industrial air compressors can have either electrical or diesel units. Some businesses prefer electric compressors due to their lower emissions, while a diesel compressor may keep operations running in emergencies when power is cut off.