Glass wool production


To produce glass wool from melted glass low pressure air at 2.5 bar g is used. For this process the air must not be polluted; this means the air must also be oil free. Therefore the use of oil injected or oil lubricated compressors was not an option that could be considered.

When the main compressor in a glass wool manufacturing plant broke down replacing its air capacity had to be done quickly because the standby supply was not sufficient for full production to continue during the overhaul period.

Rental compressors take over

Four oil free compressors in parallel were quickly installed into the air supply, separate air cooled after coolers were used to reduce the temperature of the compressor air.

After the main compressor was repaired and overhauled the rental installation was quickly removed. In case of future use it decide to leave the emergency flange connection to allow for an even faster installation next time!