Pneumatic conveying

Booster prevents blockage

Alumina blocks conveying pipeline
Alumina, a powder based raw material of aluminium, was being unloaded from a ship by means of a suction pneumatic conveying system. The next stage, to convey the powder to storage silos via a buffer tank with over pressure air was causing a problem. Using too much air can cause degradation of the product and wear on the pipe work. Reducing the amount of air can cause blockages in the conveying line.
The transhipment company could not find the correct adjustment for its conveying system and suffered from several blockages in one hour.

Boosters give insight to the required air flow.
Two compressors were temporarily erected on the wharf and coupled to the unloading system with a 60 meter long steel conduit and some flexible hoses. As the compressors were frequency controlled the right adjustment for the air flow could be found and the pneumatic conveying system begun to operate consistently.
After these values are known the customer could adjust his own compressors and moreover simulate the variable operation of the boosters with a pressure controlled overflow control valve.